How to Style Your Bridal Kimono Robe After Your Wedding Day

So many of our brides love to wear their white silky robes for getting ready on their wedding day. And while it’s an amazing day, full of love and meaning, a memory that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, the day itself does eventually come to an end. And when that happens, your bridal maxi kimono robe gets to stay right by your side.

One of the most important qualities that co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, wanted to weave into every piece was sustainability. Not only in how these items are made, but how they are loved once they enter your home. These beautiful women’s silk robes aren’t meant to be worn once and never again. In fact, we want them to be part of your entire life — even an heirloom you can pass down generation after generation. So this week in the journal, we’re rounding up some of the easiest ways to style your bridal kimono robe after your wedding day has passed. Just like your love, your kimono robe can be part of your entire life. Here’s how to style a kimono robe for many occasions:

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo by Ashley Streff
Wear Your Maxi Kimono Robe on Your Honeymoon

Keep the good times from the wedding day rolling by bringing your maxi kimono robe with you on your honeymoon! It’s the perfect layer for any honeymoon-style occasion. Wear your maxi kimono robe poolside as a cover up at your hotel, or wrapped around your shoulders at night for a lightweight jacket. You can wear it around your hotel room while you’re getting ready and even when you’re off to the beach to keep the sun off your shoulders. Bring a piece of your wedding day with you while you’re on your honeymoon and style it a new way every day you’re there!

Silk Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Style Your Women’s Silk Robe in the Morning and Night

We love creating rituals. We love passing down traditional rituals and creating new ones. And with your women’s silk robe from your wedding day, you can create a new ritual for your morning and evening routines. Slip into your maxi kimono robe from your wedding day as soon as you slip out of bed and create a ritual to bring intention and mindfulness to your morning. Light a candle and pull a tarot card. Or sit on your porch and read poetry. Or simply meditate in your silky robe. Create a similar ritual at night, and your women’s silk kimono robe becomes a daily reminder of your special day, while it will continue to be infused with new memories and new meaning.

Silk Keina Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Style Your Maxi Kimono Robe for When You’re Nursing

When you slip into a washable silk maxi kimono robe, you get both the luxury of 100% silk and the functionality of being able to wash it at home. This makes it the perfect style for when you’re nursing, bottle feeding, or watching small children in general! You can style your washable silk maxi kimono robe as a top layer over your sweats or leggings, adding a little luxury to your lounge look. Or you can wear it while you breastfeed to make it easy breezy. Or you can even style it with jeans and a t-shirt while you’re running errands or heading out to a playdate. The durability that allows it to be washed at home makes your maxi kimono robe a perfect style for new motherhood.

Silk Keina Kimono Robe
Photo by @mirandatillinghast
Wearing Maxi Kimono Robes to Celebrate Your Circle

Style your white silky robe from your wedding day and circle up with your besties from your bridal party at the same time. Make your wedding day kimono robe into a tradition when there’s something to celebrate! If your friends have an exciting announcement, a special milestone, or just a really great day, get together with your circle, slip into your maxi kimono robes and celebrate everything from the mundane to the major.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by @joanandandre
Style Your Azumi Kimono Wrap for Milestones

You can absolutely transform your wedding day kimono robe into a whole new outfit if you so choose! While you wore it for getting ready on your wedding day, you can also style it in a way that makes the kimono robe its own statement piece and a whole look on its own! Whether you’re celebrating a new move, sobriety, a promotion, or even starting therapy, there are beautiful things to celebrate at every stage of our lives that call for statement pieces like this. You can wear your Azumi Kimono Wrap styled over a monochromatic jumpsuit, a little black dress, or even on its own as a kimono dress with a belt and matching accessories. The velvet cuffs of the Azumi is the perfect decadent look that up levels any style you choose. Let your Azumi tell your whole story as you style it for every celebration and occasion, beginning with your beautiful big day.

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo by @joanandandre
Gifting a White Silky Robe to a New Bride

Your white silky robe meant so much to you on your wedding day, and the only thing better? Sharing that rich meaning with someone else you love. Whether you gift your own white silky robe to the bride in your life, or you get her one of her own, passing along the bridal kimono robe tradition is a special one. Sharing the symbolism, the silky luxury, the feeling of beauty that you had from your own white silky robe is one way your beautiful bridal robe keeps on giving. Pass it along to someone else and share all the ways it made your day meaningful, too.

There are just so many ways to style your maxi kimono robes from your wedding day. Just because you’ve been married for a year or ten years doesn’t mean that slipping into your white silky robe has to end. Follow these examples for styling your kimono robe well beyond your wedding day and keep creating memories year after year!

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