Bring Some Big Aries Energy to Start Fresh

Aries season is almost upon us, and we can’t wait for the bold, determined, and passionate energy of this sign! This year, Aries season will last from March 20th to April 20th. It is symbolized by the ram, which some would say is a stubborn creature, while others would call it persistent. Either way, Aries folks are known to be willful and confident—they’re inspired to lead and blaze new trails! The start of Aries season coincides with the first day of spring, so what better time to allow ourselves to gently wake up from winter hibernation and embrace the spirit of renewal in our lives? 

For us at KIM+ONO, the idea of starting fresh is instilled into every single one of our kimono robes and wraps. Each kimono robe pattern is designed from scratch—the design is first sketched by hand, then saturated in rich watercolors using a traditional paintbrush. Renee and Tiffany, the two sisters behind the brand, love to pair timeless techniques with fresh, original ideas whenever they’re creating a new design. Whether you’re refreshing your wardrobe with a silk floral robe or a kimono style jacket, we hope you’re inspired by some big Aries energy to embrace new starts and your own spring refresh. Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate the start of Aries season.  

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Waking Up from Winter Hibernation

When we set our clocks an hour ahead, it can feel like a literal push into the future! Morning is here sooner, spring is a day closer, and new adventures feel more imminent. Amidst all this energy of renewal, don’t forget to encourage yourself to go at your own pace. Not everybody wakes up from their winter hibernation so quickly. A gentle wakeup from your winter routine might be more your tempo. Perhaps this means that you ease your mind towards your spring goals by taking baby steps. In the same way a dancer stretches before leaping, you might find that easeful energy feels just right for inching your way out of winter hibernation. 

As you go about your every day, of course there’s no need to ditch the self-care routines that you’ve been loving all winter. But once the weather gradually warms up, depending where you are, you might find that the cooling touch of a gua sha tool or facial roller is the perfect addition to bring variety and an element of experimentation to your morning and evening routines. As your spring self-care routine takes shape, keep what you love and change what you don’t!     

Waking up from this year’s winter hibernation can be as easeful or invigorating as you want. If you’re more like a true Aries—bold, daring, perhaps even brash—then jumping into the new season is just your style! 

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What Does Aries Represent in Astrology? 

Aries is a fire sign, along with Leo and Sagitarrius. Not only does Aries kick off the spring season as one of the four cardinal signs, but it’s also the first sign of the entire zodiac cycle! From its astrological position of leadership, it’s no wonder that Aries folks excel at initiating ideas and creating innovative solutions. 

For all the good that Aries personalities can bring, there is also a flipside to the coin. Being bold and confident may slip into being proud and selfish. And as much as an Aries can be determined and devoted, they can also be headstrong. With Mars as their ruling planet, Aries folks can channel that warrior energy towards new adventures, or they can come off as confrontational and aggressive. Much like the ram depicted in its symbol, the Aries individual can be very independent. However, this same need for freedom also helps Aries folks push new ideas into the world, often with a competitive edge. In appreciation of all facets of the Aries personality, it truly is the perfect time to embrace fresh starts and bold beginnings! 

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Our Favorite People Born in Aries Season

We can’t possibly name everyone born in Aries season, but we’ll kick off with someone we’d never leave out: Dr. Maya Angelou. A legendary author, poet, and civil rights activist, her bold and honest literary voice in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings caused the book to be initially banned before it was determined to be a major American literary work. 


Lady Gaga is another example of Aries energy, with her experimental, bold image and her passion for reinvention in worlds of both music and film. Aretha Franklin, otherwise known as the Queen of Soul, is another iconic Aries. A deeply expressive and powerful singer, she was a multi-talented songwriter, piano player, and activist as well. Singer and songwriter Mariah Carey, whose wide vocal range and whistle tones are one of a kind, is also born under this fire sign. 

Here are more well-known people born in Aries season: Celine Dion, one of the best-selling music artists of all time, is unforgettable with her unique powerful voice and diva energy. Vivienne Westwood embodies the rebellious trait of Aries as a designer who contributed punk style to the world of mainstream fashion. The list of famous Aries folks goes on: Chaka Khan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marvin Gaye, Gloria Steinem, Marc Jacobs, Pharell Williams, Robert Frost, Big Sean, Reese Witherspoon, Randall Park, Jessica Chastain, Elton John, Diana Ross, Halle Bailey, Chloé Zhao, Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Sterling K. Brown, Charlie Chaplin, America Ferrera, Cynthia Nixon, and Chance the Rapper. 

That’s a lot of talented people with birthdays during the same few weeks! Do you have an Aries friend or loved one whose birthday is coming up soon? Know that they’ve been eyeing up a womens silk robe or mens silk robe? Gift your favorite Aries a bit of luxury to wrap up in when they’re not busy bringing their fiery, innovative energy into the world. 

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Channel Big Aries Energy Into Your Life

There are countless ways to start fresh in different areas of our lives. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to renew a personal connection among your friends or family. Maybe there is a healthy habit you want to strengthen and establish as part of your routine. Or, there could be a professional goal that you want to reevaluate so that you can bring new energy to your gameplan. No matter what it is, the idea of starting fresh can feel like both an opportunity and a challenge: there can be an exciting sense of optimism but also some nervous anticipation. 

Regardless of your astrological sign, there are particular Aries traits you can channel to help you move forward this spring, like confidence and a “just do it” attitude. You can also take inspiration from Aries traits like originality and determination when facing challenges that require you to think outside of the box. Obstacles can become easier to overcome by adopting the Aries approach of being unstoppable. 

We hope you’re inspired to bring some big Aries energy to whatever fresh start you’ve got lined up this spring! 

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