5 Easy Tips to Create an Intentional Holiday

Believe it or not, the holidays have arrived this week! There has been so much going on in the past month — from the challenges of navigating the changing pandemic and the annual busyness of the holiday season, there is surely so much on your plate this particular week, friend. Whether you’re taking care of family near or far, trying to finish up work before breaking for a few days, or simply organizing all the holiday gifting for your friends and family, there are plenty of things to get wrapped up in this week.

So, today in the journal, we want to take a moment to take a deep breath, slow down, and think through some of the self care action steps you can take to have an intentional, slow holiday. It’s so easy for a holiday to spin out of control with to-dos, shoulds, and obligations, to the point where we lose the meaning of the holiday. It’s such a beautiful holiday that it’s worth it to slow down and create an intentional holiday so you don’t miss it and you can truly enjoy every moment, even if it's busy. So today in the journal, take a look at five easy tips to create an intentional holiday, to bring more breath to your every day, and to find presence throughout the celebrations. 

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Take Mornings to Yourself

One way to set yourself up for success every day is to simply take the mornings for yourself. The way you start your day can set the whole tone for the day that follows. Slip into your favorite pink kimono robe, pour yourself your favorite cup of pour over coffee, and sit in silence before the rest of the household wakes up. Take time to journal, stretch, drink water, or exercise. Figure out what makes you feel your best, most present self, and give yourself the time to do that each morning. Whether you’re slipping into a modern kimono robe or kimono wrap, sipping on your favorite morning beverage, or even just sleeping in — your morning choices will stay with you and support you the rest of the day. Take the mornings to yourself this week to create a little more intention every day.

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Try Not to Rush

There’s a beautiful quote from a mother who was looking at the time she had with her young children, and she said, “There’s no time to rush.” The point was, she didn’t have time to rush away the moments. This week especially, create a little extra space around all of your activities. Things might be packed to the brim, but you can take a little extra time getting ready for you day, stay a moment longer in your blue kimono robe, slow down moments with your children and friends, and create a little more room in the busyness. Remember there’s no time to rush, and savor each moment as it comes. 

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Let Things Be Good Enough

You are likely responsible for many things this holiday season. From kids’ school activities and projects, to events with friends and family, to work responsibilities, and buying gifts for everyone on your list (by the way, here’s a great beginner’s guide to gifting a kimono robe if you need some last minute inspiration!), there is so much to do. Remember: you don’t have to be perfect, just aim for good enough. If it’s the afternoon and you’re still in your long kimono duster, we applaud it! If you’re sending gift cards for the people you accidentally forgot on your list, they’ll love it! If your house is not the cleanest it’s ever been before company, we don’t mind it! So many times, the pressure we put on ourselves comes from ourselves. So slow down this week, and let things be good enough so you can see just how much you’re doing and have done every day.

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Surround Yourself With Those Who Make You Feel Your Best

The holidays can often be tricky when getting together with family you don’t often see. While the emphasis is usually on getting together with extended family — and while we celebrate and love those reunions, especially after this year, don’t forget to nurture the relationships with the people you love the most. The author James Clear writes, “Double down on your best relationship. It's the investment with the highest return.” Surround yourself with those you make you feel your best and most confident. And remind them just how much they mean to you. Whether you gift them a beautiful floral kimono wrap or a plus size long kimono duster, or even just a gift card so they can find their own favorite, prioritize the people who are most important to you and let them know just how loved they are. 

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Find Presence

Finding presence is of course easier said than done. It’s so easy to simply go on autopilot and miss the magic of every moment. Find what works for you to slow down and enter back into the moment. Perhaps you take a walk every day to connect with nature. Maybe you slip into your plus size long kimono duster and start your favorite skincare routine. Or perhaps you sit with your child for an extra ten minutes to play before or after work. Whatever it is that brings you to the present moment, find one way to get back to it each day this week. It’s a beautiful way to remember the point of the season and create an intention around every moment of this holiday.

Wherever and however you’re celebrating this week, friend, we hope you are finding the moments of space and presence that allow you to take stock of all the beauty in your life. You deserve to feel good, to be well, and to feel loved by all the people in your life. And most of all, we hope you feel confident in your own skin and like the work of art you truly are. You are beautiful, friend, and we are grateful for you this and every season!

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