4 Spring Rituals to Elevate Every Day

The winter frost is thawing and all around us, nature is waking up! There's a palpable sense of renewal in the air, a lightness and a sense of new beginnings. Spring is a season of transformation, where nature comes to life, our senses are reawakened each day, and the world is filled with the hint of promise. It’s no wonder so many of our silky floral robes have botanical scenes from nature — there is endless inspiration in it.

Spring is a time to shed the layers of the winter, both emotional and sartorial, and embrace the potential of the season. At KIM+ONO, not only do we get to celebrate the beauty of cherry blossom season, but we meet so many SF-visiting customers in our brick and mortar on Grant Avenue in Chinatown. Hearing your stories of how you wear your own silky floral robes and plus size long kimono dusters (and everything in between) for the most meaningful occasions in your life inspires us to weave even more significance into our designs. You are the thread woven through each piece, and as we all come out of winter hibernation, we’re inspired to deepen the sense of ritual you can create with each silky floral robe.

So today in the journal, what better way to honor this season of growth and renewal than by incorporating meaningful spring rituals into our daily lives? We'll explore four simple yet powerful spring habits to help you embrace the spirit of spring and elevate your life with a little luxury.

Silk Keina Kimono Robe
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Rooting Down: Planting Seeds of Intention

Spring is synonymous with growth, making it the perfect time to plant seeds—both literal and metaphorical. Just as a gardener carefully tends to their garden, nurturing seeds into full bloom, we can also cultivate our intentions and dreams. Start by setting aside time each day to reflect on your goals and aspirations. Slip into a beautiful silky floral robe and get out your favorite pen and notebook. Ask yourself; What do you hope to achieve in the coming weeks and months? What steps can you take to bring your vision to fruition?

Once you've clarified your intentions, take practical steps to plant the seeds of your dreams. This could involve creating a vision board, journaling about your goals, or taking concrete action towards manifesting your wildest dreams. By rooting down and anchoring yourself in your intentions, you lay the groundwork for growth and transformation throughout the spring.

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Letting the Sun Nourish the Roots: Embracing the Power of Sunshine

After months of winter darkness, the return of the sun is cause for celebration. Not only does sunlight boost our mood and energy levels, but it also provides a vital source of vitamin D, essential for health and overall well-being. Make it a priority to soak up some sunshine each day, even if it's just for a few minutes.

Whether you take a leisurely stroll in the park in your lightweight kimono style jacket, enjoy your morning coffee on the porch, or simply bask in the sunlight streaming through your window, find a way to incorporate sunshine into your daily routine. Not only will it nourish your body, but it will also uplift your spirit and remind you of the inherent beauty and vitality of life.

Silk Botan Kimono Robe
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Add Water: Hydrate, Refresh, and Renew

Water is synonymous with life, and its presence is particularly powerful in the springtime. As the snow melts, the rivers flow freely, and the spring rains come in like a lion, we're reminded of the importance of staying hydrated and connected to the element of water. Incorporate water-based rituals into your day to symbolize purification, renewal, and fluidity.

Slipping into your (washable!) men’s kimono wrap, start your morning with a tall glass of water to hydrate your body and kickstart your metabolism. Throughout the day, make a conscious effort to drink plenty of fluids, whether it's water, herbal tea, or infused fruit water. You could even consider incorporating water-based activities into your routine, such as swimming, taking a relaxing bath, or simply immersing yourself in nature near a body of water. By embracing the element of water, you invite flow and flexibility into your life, allowing you to navigate this season with ease.

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Blooming: Cultivating Beauty in Everyday Moments

Botanicals have been an inspiration for every design from our men’s kimono robes to our plus size long kimono dusters. Just as flowers explode onto the springtime season with color and beauty, so too can we infuse our days, ritualistically, with moments of beauty and joy. Take time each day to engage in a simple act of creativity or appreciation, no matter how small. This could involve arranging fresh flowers in a vase, savoring a delicious meal made with seasonal ingredients, slipping into a lightweight kimono style jacket for a walk, or taking a moment to admire the beauty of nature outside your window.

Find ways to incorporate beauty into your surroundings, whether it's through art, music, literature, or simply hanging your silky floral robe on the back of your door as a piece of wearable and hangable art. By consciously seeking out beauty in every day, you'll infuse your days with a sense of wonder and delight, reminding yourself of the inherent magic of existence.

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and transformation—a season ripe with possibility and potential just under the surface of everything we do. By incorporating these simple rituals into your daily life, you can harness the energy of spring that’s ready to come through and elevate each moment to blossom into a beautiful forward trajectory for your life. So this spring, we invite you to root down, bask in the sunlight, hydrate your body, and bloom forth in all your radiant beauty. After all, every day is an opportunity to embrace the beauty of life and cultivate a sense of wonder and gratitude for the world around us.

And as you do, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @kimandono_ and #swaythisway. Let us see your spring kimono style jackets and robes. We love to celebrate the beauty you bring to every piece!

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