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When our co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, started out with KIM+ONO, it was a business built on two sisters’ dreams and an extension of a family business. It was a personal endeavor, tied to the important parts of the Tam sisters' lives — their connection to their family heritage, lessons learned from their parents who ran their own Chinatown businesses, and a way to express their modern sensibilities with modern kimono robes made for women just like them. So when KIM+ONO officially launched and we started interacting with our customers, a whole new world opened up. Soon, you were coming in to tell us your stories about how and when you wear your kimono bathrobe, how you dress up your women’s duster robe for special occasions and how you and your own sister (biological or otherwise) make our silk robes part of your girls’ weekends, life events, and more.

You became ambassadors for the story that lives behind every single charmeuse and silk bathrobe we’ve designed and created. Becoming an ambassador of your favorite brand may seem like a small thing to you, but for small businesses like ours, brand ambassadors are life changing. A brand ambassador is someone who loves a brand and shares that love with their world. It’s an incredible way to show your support to the small brands you love. As you began to take on this mantle for KIM+ONO, we knew we wanted to show our love and appreciation back. So here are just a few ways to take advantage of being one of KIM+ONO’s VIPs and how to make the most out of your insider knowledge.

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Join Our VIP List Right Away

Our VIP list is our favorite spot to connect with our brand ambassadors. It’s the first place you’ll find out about new sales, discounts, or special promotions. If you’ve found the perfect silk kimono cover up you can’t live without, as soon as you hop onto our VIP list, you’ll receive a 10% discount code for your first purchase as a small thank you from us to you. And maybe most importantly, we only have one annual sale per year, and as a VIP brand ambassador, you get first access before anyone else to the favorite charmeuse and silk robes you love. This means you get access to all of these pieces before the best-selling colors and designs sell out. You will always be the first to know when a new design is launched, and we’ll share with you our in-house design secrets and mission in creating each one of these women’s duster robes.

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Refer a Friend and Receive a Gift

We love seeing special occasions or girls’ weekends where our customers are all draped in their favorite women’s duster robes. Whether we see you on the beach with a kimono bathrobe cover up, or lounging around the hotel room with champagne in hand, we love to see you and your friends slipping into silk. And one way to make it a little lovelier is by using our Referral Program! It’s a simple way to share your love of your favorite charmeuse and silk bathrobes with the pals you love the most. Simply send them a link from our referral page so they can take $15 off a purchase of $100+. Once they complete that purchase, we’ll send you a thank you for helping us reach more folks by sending you a $15 code you can use on your next purchase as well. When you give, you get!

October 2023 Update! Referral Program: You and a friend can now get $30 off your next purchase (see here for details). Birthday Perks: We're gifting you a 20% off treat for your birthday (sign up here). Kindly note, our Frontline Worker program has been discontinued.
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Celebrate Your Special Day with a Birthday Discount

One thing you can count on every single year is that we’ll send you a special birthday discount on your special day! We love birthdays here at KIM+ONO because we get to celebrate all the things that make you, uniquely you. We get tagged in so many photos where folks are celebrating their own birthdays in truly beautiful kimono bathrobe styles. Whether they’re staying at home or heading out in celebration, they are wrapped up in our silkiest silk robes and feeling like the queens they are. We love to see it! And we want to make it easy for you to wrap up in your own special piece on your birthday. When you enter your birthday in your preferences (which you can find at the bottom of any marketing email we’ve ever sent you!), your birthday will be saved in our system. We’ll email you a special code on your birthday that you can use in the next couple following weeks because we want you to feel celebrated any time you slip into your silk robes.

October 2023 Update! Referral Program: You and a friend can now get $30 off your next purchase (see here for details). Birthday Perks: We're gifting you a 20% off treat for your birthday (sign up here). Kindly note, our Frontline Worker program has been discontinued.
KIM+ONO Co-Founders Renee and Tiffany Tam
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Why Being a Brand Ambassador is So Meaningful To Us

When you become a brand ambassador for KIM+ONO), you help a small family business grow by word of mouth. Word of mouth is everything these days, especially for small businesses who are doing our best against the challenging climate of massive corporations. When you stand by us, you make us inherently stronger. When you become a brand ambassador for us, you support our brand mission of equity, fair pay, sustainability, and transparency. These are things we’ve written a lot about and they are make up the fabric of each and every women’s duster robe from the beginning design to the final stitch to the email we send you to let you know it’s on its way. And finally, when you become a brand ambassador, you share and help promote the message of wellness. We want you to feel confident in your own skin, and when you promote that message by sharing with friends and family, you reinforce the idea that everyone deserves to feel as beautiful and powerful as they truly are.

Thank you for all of your feedback as brand ambassadors and lovers of KIM+ONO. Your notes are always shared with our whole team so we can continue to improve and expand in the ways you want the most. Thank you for all the ways in which you’ve shared our story and become a brand ambassador for our small family business. It means the world to us.

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