The Top 5 Things We Love About Our Curve & Plus Size Silk Kimono Robes

Well lovely, you asked and we answered! We’ve been working diligently on bringing our Curve Collection to life this past year. We started with our best-selling fan favorites from our Charmeuse Collection, and just added our latest designs from both Silk and Washable Silk! We have been working on this project for quite some time and we’re so thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. 

Because this new collection features some of our most beloved designs with our signature Printed Silks and Washable Silks, we wanted to break down what makes these plus size kimono robes extra special. From their production process to their materials to their cuts, they are meant to make everyone feel beautiful in the skin they’re in. Today in the journal, we’re sharing all the details to make you swoon over your Curve Silk and Washable Silk Kimono Robes: 

Plus Size Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
High Quality Plus Size Kimono Robes You’ll Love

If you’ve been around KIM+ONO for awhile, you know that we have a variety of kimono robes at a variety of price points. While we absolutely love our Charmeuse for the ease of wear and durability in standing up to an at-home wash, the Silks are always something special. And that’s why it takes a bit longer to produce these pieces. Not only does the initial production process take longer to produce the silk itself, but for our Washable Silk collection, we take an extra amount of time to make sure the material can withstand your washing machine without losing its beauty and softness. That’s why our production team has tested our washable silk kimono robes by washing them for 20 hour straight to ensure the quality would not be compromised. Our Washable Silk material’s lustre and softness passed every single test. And now that our high quality assurance has been checked off the list, these beautiful pieces are ready to make your days even more beautiful.

Plus Size Washable Silk Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Plus Size Duster Kimono Robe Fit to Make You Feel Like a Queen

While most of our Charmeuse and Silks fits up to 43”-48” in chest and hips, depending on the style, the Curve Collection gives a bit more flow with the pieces fitting up to 55” in chest and hips. This accounts for enough room to comfortably wrap with about two inches of material on each side. One of the loveliest shapes of traditional Japanese kimono is expressed in the kimono sleeve. For our modern kimono robes, we’ve celebrated that traditional cut within our designs. Most of our kimono sleeves are cut to be three quarter length to fall above your wrists. Because we don’t use shoulder seams, as seen in the blue floral kimono robe above, those sleeves will fall slightly differently on everyone, making your kimono robe an absolute original. The omission of seams in the design provides a more fluid drape, uniquely falling on your body and fitting you like a glove. Whether you have broader or narrower shoulders, you can be sure that without the seams, you’ll be able to comfortably let the soft silk fall over your shoulders without feeling any extra pull or pinching.

Plus Size Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
How to Care for Your Curve Printed Silk Kimono Robe

First of all, when choosing which kind of silk you’d prefer — either Printed Silk or Washable Silk — it’s helpful to know which one would suit your lifestyle the best. We always recommend dry cleaning your printed silk kimono robes because there are a few things that can happen when washing with water. Due to the production processes involved when manufacturing the silk fabric, there can be rings that develop on the material if it comes in contact with water or moisture. Additionally, silk dyes give it an extra brightness and lustre, but washing it with water may result in dullness or a gray, lifeless color due to a dissolution of the dye on the fabric. Another issue when regular printed silk comes in contact with moisture and water can be dye bleeding, so the designs are unable to stand up to the wash. Finally, the silk fabric can degenerate from contact with chloride salts from too much water, from sweating, or from spilling beverages, foods, or oils. For this reason, it’s strongly recommended that you dry clean your regular silks. But never fear, that’s why our Washable Plus Size Silk Kimono Robes may be for you.

Plus Size Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
How to Care for Your Curve Washable Silk Kimono Robe

Your long kimono robe may be one you want to wear at all times of the day — from your nightly routine, to your Zoom work calls, to your date night! The difference between our Washable Silk and other silks is the weave of the silk. The Washable Silk Kimono Robe marries our best loved designs with the luxurious washable silk fabric that’s soft and breathable, and just a bit heavier at 22mm. This is compared to our printed silk robes which weigh in at 16mm. Our washable plus size silk kimono robes are easier to clean and maintain since you can gently wash them at home. These pieces are also a bit more expensive as the washable fabric is the most costly part of the silk kimono robe. To care for your washable silk, you can of course hand wash this item and hang it to dry. But the convenience of these beautiful plus size kimono robes is that you can actually toss them into the delicate cycle in your washing machine with gentle detergent, and wash them with cold water. Once it’s done in the washing machine, we recommend hanging it to dry. If there’s any lost lustre from the wash, never fear! You can simply steam the washable silk and the lustre will be quickly restored.

Plus Size Washable Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Color Palettes to Make You Swoon

Our pastels, cooler tones, and natural hues as are found in this blue floral kimono robe give an ambience of absolute peace and grace. The fluid elegance of silk coupled with the modern aesthetics make these plus size kimono robes truly special pieces of artwork. And just like these short and long kimono robes, you are a work of art, lovely. 

We hope you find something to fall in love with in our Curve Silk and Washable Silk Kimono Robes. We designed them with you, the modern woman, in mind. And we hope each and every piece adds a little extra luxury to your everyday.

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