Summer Color Trends You Can't Miss Out On

You’re in the throes of it. Summer camps, vacations, sandy everything, popsicles, wedding season, a suitcase that’s barely unpacked before it’s repacked again. Does that sound about right? We get it! The end of the summer sounds relaxing in theory, but sometimes it feels like all we can do is try our best to make it through. And our wardrobe? Forget it. We’re lucky if we get fully dressed on some days, much less pull a whole outfit together. While the team at KIM+ONO will always support staying in bed and lounging around in your silk kimono robe, we also know that getting up and at ‘em is good for the soul. And sometimes the push you need to get out the door is just a little Kimono robe style inspiration!

So let’s talk color! We may be in the dog days of summer, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe can’t stay cool and gorgeous with this summer’s trending color palette. We love how the everyday items in our lives can make meaning, add beauty, and bring us joy with just a little extra intention. And our floral kimono robes are no different. With the trending color palette of the season, your maxi kimono robes can bring you that peace and make you feel pulled together and gorgeous, even when you feel like you’re barely scraping by. This summer, we’re looking at the cool hues of grays and neutrals and blushes to bring depth and calm to our regularly fast and furious lives. These are the perfect colors for a summer season that hasn’t quite cooled off yet. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re full of meaning, making your floral kimono robe as intentional as it is gorgeous. And they’re each featured in our Jia Collection! So in today’s journal, we’re going to show you how to style and share with you the depth of meaning in these summer color trends. Bring back a little luxury and relaxation to your summer before it ends with the summer color trends you can’t miss out on.

 Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by @mirandatillinghast
Cream Blush: A Feminine, Delicate Neutral

Whether it’s a wedding season, a vacation season, or a Summer Fridays season for you, this silk kimono robe in cream blush is right on trend with its neutral, feminine color. This blush neutral is a lightweight touch to the lightweight 16mm silk kimono robe, adding a delicate feel to this color and style combination. The blush color has a light, subtle shade, expressing femininity and grace, along with gentleness and softness. With the blush color and 100% silk material, this silk kimono robe is an effortless way to feel like the cool and confident queen you are, even as the heat turns up. 

Jia Kimono Wrap
Photo by @joanandandre
Gray: Ease and Balance

Whether you’re skipping into the silk kimono robe or maxi kimono wrap of the Jia Collection, the gray color is a delightful summer color trend we can’t quite get enough of. Gray lives in between the starker black and white family of colors, and for this reason, it’s a beautiful representation of balance. It’s the space between and symbolizes neutrality and evenness. Even wearing it can bring a sense of ease to you, soft on the eyes and a perfect accent to any summer outfit you had in mind. It has a clean, smooth, simplified look that allows it to match with the brightest summer pieces to the most subdued. No matter how you style this maxi kimono wrap or robe, you will bring a little balance back into your sightlines.

 Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by Ashley Streff
Pink: Playfulness and Love

No matter which color floral kimono robe you choose from our Jia Collection, each one of them features a beautiful pink highlight in the design. Taken directly from our in-store mural design in San Francisco, the pink isn’t the Barbie pink you might be thinking of — rather it’s a subtle hue that leans into the cool summer color trend of neutrals and more subdued tones. We love pink for so many reason — the cherry blossoms, the feeling of spring — but also because of its inherent meaning! This light pale pink leans into femininity, playfulness, flirtiness, and a youthful enthusiasm for love. Is that not a perfect vibe for these late summer months? Sign us up for the playfulness of pink, a Tuesday afternoon happy hour, and the luxurious feeling of hitting the snooze button.

Jia Kimono Wrap
Photo by @joanandandre
Black: Sophistication and Elegance

One color that’s always on trend? Black of course. It’s sophisticated, it’s elegant, it’s powerful. The color black is a classic look that elevates anything you want to wear — from lounging to dating, the black kimono robe is an essential element of your all-season wardrobe. Our black kimono robes in the Jia Collection are a wonderful summer color trend option because it pairs the beauty of a black kimono robe with the highlighted colors of grays, blushes, creams, pinks, and more. Our black kimono robes and wraps in this collection pair effortlessly with everything from dresses to bathing suits, so no matter the summer occasion, you’re always wrapped up in on-trend style. 

Jia Kimono Wrap
Photo by @joanandandre
Black Velvet: A Royal Summer Detail

Yes, velvet isn’t a color — but it is an incredible feature of our maxi kimono wraps that we couldn’t leave out! While you are diving into all of your beautiful neutrals, adding a bit of velvet trim from our floral kimono wraps elevates everything to the next level. We love the black velvet as a gorgeous accent to the neutral of on-trend summer colors. Velvet has a history of elevating things. It’s a symbol of royalty, power, and has even been a favorite fabric of popes and aristocrats for centuries. Treat yourself like the queen you are by wrapping up in one of these perfect maxi kimono wraps with black velvet trim.

Tell us what you think! Are you going to try one of these color trends before summer wraps up? We love to see how you style your silk kimono robes and maxi kimono wraps. Don’t forget to tag us on social and let us celebrate your unique style! You can’t go wrong. Follow your heart, obey your instinct, and slip into a silk kimono robe as beautiful, unique, and elegant as you are.

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