Choosing the Perfect Kimono Robe Gift

During the holidays, we know you’re on the search for the perfect gift. And the people who you most want to make happy are usually the ones who are the toughest to shop for! But this is why a kimono robe is the perfect gift for that hard-to-please person. There are so many varieties of kimono patterns, styles and lengths, that you can be sure to find a gift to match any personality. Here are just a few of our favorite kimono robes and who should be wearing them.

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo

A Perfect Kimono Outfit for the Jet-Setter

If you’re shopping for someone who always has her travel bags packed, then a kimono outfit that can work as a cardigan, jacket, or lounge layer that she can throw in her carry-on is your best bet. This dynamic, mid-weight material is a beautiful robe to make her feel like she’s at home, but it’s versatile enough to throw over top of jeans and a tee for a fashionable day out in new city.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe

Photo by Anh Sundstrum
A Washable Kimono Robe for the New Mom

Moms are used to getting their hands dirty, but that doesn’t mean they want their clothes to be, too. And that might make some moms resist giving themselves a little luxury. But with our Washable Silk Collection, the new mom in your life won’t have to worry about her beautiful silk being ruined. The beautiful kimono pattern and soft, luxurious silk will make her feel like a queen, and keep her calm knowing she can wash this kimono robe at home.

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Robe

Photo by Delbarr Mordai
A Floral Kimono Cardigan for the Fancy Friend

If you’re shopping for someone who has absolutely everything in their wardrobe already, they may not have a floral kimono cardigan just yet. Our Cherry Blossom and Crane Kimono Robe is a sweet, soft way to amp up the fancy in anyone’s wardrobe. For your fancy friend who loves finding new and uncommon pieces, pairing a floral kimono cardigan over slacks or a dress elevates her whole look to a new level.

Coral Chrysanthemum Kimono Robe

Photo by Christina C.
A Kimono Style Jacket for Classic Taste

Just because wearing a kimono robe out of the house might sound new to you, doesn’t mean it can’t still have a classic edge. We love this kimono style jacket for anyone in your life who likes a classic, traditional fit. Influencer @closet_luxe is the perfect example of taking a casual everyday look and bringing some structure to it with her kimono style jacket pulling her jeans, tee and heels together. Not sure which color to choose? Black is always the most classic option for your most classic friend.

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, all of our collections — Silk, Washable Silk, Handpainted Silk, Lace, Charmeuse, XXXXXX — all have endless gift-giving possibilities in them. But the best gift is one that comes from the heart. Any kimono robe is a thoughtful gift for the loved ones in your life. Think about what’s important for that very special person you’re shopping for, and you’re sure to find a kimono robe that fits her perfectly.

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