35 Ways To Boost Your Mood Today

In the middle of February, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you are deep in the cold of winter. The holidays are over, and spring feels like a lifetime away. It’s cold up north and you’re working your way through the doldrums of winter. When the weather feels like this, it’s so easy to get deep in your feelings and down in your thoughts. Everyone goes through emotional ups and downs, but winter can sometimes feel the hardest.

So today in the journal, we want to bring a long list of potential mood boosters to your attention. Life doesn’t have to be completely different for it to feel good. You can still be in the deep dark middle of winter and find the smallest bit of light. That light can be just enough to get you to the next day and the next, until finally you’ve emerged into the bright sunshine of spring with more beautiful days ahead. This is not a comprehensive list of the only mood boosters by any stretch of the imagination. But we hope it’s enough encouragement to get your own list started. Perhaps it inspires you. Or maybe it just reminds you of the good things it can be easier to notice from day to day. Take what you need from this long list of natural ways to boost your mood!
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1. Wake up and see the sunrise

There’s nothing more wonderful to us than slipping into your luxury silk robe, opening the shades and letting the first morning sunlight pour through the windows. Catching the sun first thing in the morning is a beautiful way to rise with Mother Earth. It sets the tone for the day, bringing a sense of deep calm and power to your intentions for the day. Let the Vitamin D boost your mood right from the break of day!

2. Watch something that makes you burst into uncontrollable laughter

Laughter is always the best medicine. If you need a little pick-me-up, turn on a comedy podcast or old sitcom that always makes you howl. Searching for laughter is an easy way to boost your mood and bring a little more levity into your day.

3. Feel the softness of your luxury silk robe against your skin

Your women’s silk robe is meant to be fully experienced, and that means paying attention to the way it feels against your skin. It’s 100% Mulberry Silk and luxuriously soft. Let it bring you extra comfort and joy every time you wear it, giving your skin a little hug and making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

4. Smell freshly cut flowers

Is there anything more wonderful than the smell of flowers? We love florals at KIM+ONO and have used nature as inspiration for every single one of our flower kimono robes.

5. The ritual of lighting your favorite candle

Let a little bit of light in for a beautiful spark in the dark.

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6. Gifting someone else their new favorite Azumi Kimono Wrap

Our fan favorite Azumi Kimono Wrap always brings a smile to our customers’ faces. And gifting it to someone you love is a delightful way to delight yourself. Seeing someone’s expression light up as they get their very own Azumi is an easy way to boost your winter mood!

7. The first bite of cake

Need we say more?

8. A smile from a stranger

A smile from a stranger can go such a long way. Give one and you might just get one back.

9. Realizing the laundry is folded and put away

What a gift! Once you realize that chore is done, feel free to luxuriate in your women’s silk robe, lounge around the house, sip a little bubbly, and generally lean in to taking it extra easy.

10. Feeling the breeze in your hair

Allow yourself to get swept away with the beautiful feeling of the breeze running through your hair.

11. A hug from someone you love

This might be the very best feeling in the whole world.

12. A free coffee from your go-to coffee shop

Your little pick-me-up gets even better when it’s free! Make sure to share your gratitude with your barista and spread the good feelings.

13. Finishing the Sunday crossword

An accomplishment! Whether it’s finishing the crossword puzzle or your next video game level or even just your homework, completing a complex activity is cause for a little joy.

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14. Afternoon sun through your window

Slip into your luxury silk robe and bask in a little sunlight falling across your face. Let yourself float easily into a winter night, knowing the longer spring days are on their way soon.

15. Hearing a loved one’s voice

16. The feeling after a good workout

17. The sound of birds chirping in the morning

18. The look on someone’s face when you surprise them with something special

Gifting a little luxury silk robe is a perfect way to bring some more joy to your loved ones. Seeing their face as they slip into their women’s silk robe is priceless.

19. Feeling healthy again after feeling sick

20. Slipping under your covers after a long day

21. Going to bed without setting your alarm

22. The quiet of early morning or late night

Silk Keina Kimono Robe
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23. Creating any kind of art or beauty

One of our greatest joys is creating our handcrafted women’s silk robes. From start to finish, these are made by talented artisans who carry on traditional techniques no longer used by most manufacturers with handcrafted clothing. Each and every flower kimono robe becomes a wearable work of art.

24. A child’s smile

25. Any blooper reel of any kind

26. Finding a parking spot just when you need one

27. Easily making all your transfers on public transportation 

28. Finding out you got the job

29. Setting a boundary that gives you more self-respect

30. Finding cash in your pocket

31. Hugs from a friend you haven’t seen in a long time

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32. A deep breath in the middle of the day

You can find this through meditation, or slipping into your luxury silk robe, or just taking a seat in the middle of a long day. Wherever you can find a deep breath, make sure you take it.

33. That feeling of lightness after meditating

34. Trusting yourself

35. Feeling confident in your own skin

Another reason we made our men’s and women’s silk robes is so that each and every time you slip into them, you feel confident in your own skin, feel beautiful, and feel like a work of art. Because you deserve it.

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