Stay at Home Kimono Style for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and while it may still be full of excitement and gratitude, the holidays will definitely look a little different for everyone this year. The past year has given us all more time to reflect on what it is truly important in our lives. It’s hopefully gotten us to slow down (even just a little bit) and put a little more thought and intention to the energy and action we bring to each and every day. 

While we know that getting dressed isn’t the most important thing on your to-do list, the intention you put behind that action (especially while staying at home) can have a wild impact on your day. Think about the days in this past year when you slipped into something that made you feel beautiful versus the days you maybe hung out in an old pair of sweatpants too long. Those days, more likely than not, had a different feel. And while clothing isn’t everything, it is one way to feed yourself and nourish your soul. Adding a touch of beauty, even while staying at home over the holidays, is one way to mark the moment. And in a season full of obstacles and challenges, marking this holiday season with a little bit of luxury and a whole lot of beauty is one wonderful way to celebrate. So today, to honor all the important moments big and small that deserve to be beautiful, we are rounding up five ways to bring a little style to your stay-at-home sartorial choices. Here are five easy stay at home kimono style ideas for the holidays:

Plus Size Washable Silk Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Uplevel Your Pajamas with Kimono Style

While we all love a good lounge-in-my-sweatpants day, a few too many of those in a row can wind up having a less relaxing feel that you might have intended. But a little bit of an uplevel can make a world of difference in how beautiful you feel and how relaxed you can be. We are swooning for neutral, earthy tones as a base layer for pajamas. Choose a beautiful monochrome palette that fits a little bit loose but still gives you the support you need to stay in it all day. Draping a beautiful washable silk kimono robe over your shoulders uplevels the entire look and makes answering the door when your holiday packages arrive that much more lovely! And the benefit of the washable silk kimono robe means that even if you’re in your pajamas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there’s nothing that a delicate cycle with cold water can’t help.


Maren Kerchief Scarf
Photo by Joonji Yang
Make Your Mask-Wearing a Fashion Statement

While we are as excited as the next person to get through this winter, we also know that we may be wearing masks until at least the summer. And who knows how normal mask-wearing might end up being after this? That’s why we are loving our Maren Kerchief Scarf as another alternative to cover your face while in public or at home with guests inside. It’s the same beautiful kimono fabric you know and love and the gorgeous modern kimono pattern of the Maren print in a lightweight, luxurious scarf. Wear it as a mask, tie it on your tote bag or around your neck, or even wear it as a beautiful head wrap. We love to see it in all sorts of ways that work for you and your life. It’s the perfect piece to add just a dash of beauty to the moment.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Teresa Barajas
Be the (Zoom) Hostess with the Mostest

You may not be gathering around the dinner table like usual this holiday season, but so many of us are still showing up for our friends and family over Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. So there’s no reason not to bring a little party to the screen! Find your favorite piece and feature your own kimono style when jumping online with your loved ones. You can wrap your kimono robe with a belt and make it into a dress, or layer it over your favorite t-shirt and jeans if it’s a more relaxed get together. Just because you aren’t meeting in person doesn’t mean your kimono style can’t turn heads, and whether you’re dressed in a charmeuse or silk kimono robe, there’s a statement piece for everyone.

Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Shake Up Your Go-To Outfit

We love a capsule wardrobe at KIM+ONO. There’s something almost thrilling about slipping into the same beautiful, well-made clothes without having to think too hard about it. So one way to up your style game at home is to simply at a floral kimono robe into your routine. Whether your favorite around the house outfit is a jumper or some really comfortable “work from home” pants and a neutral sweater, your floral kimono robe adds just a touch of luxury to your already beautiful style. Whether you’re wearing a plus size kimono robe, Charmeuse, or Washable Silk, you are adding the perfect bit of loveliness to your already feel good look.

Fura Kimono Robe
Photo by Teresa Barajas
Use Your Floral Kimono Robe to Take Care

While it’s always fun to get dressed up for other people, the most important person you should be dressing for is: you. You deserve to feel beautiful, lovely. So uplevel your style and your self care routine with beautiful kimono style. Add in your favorite kimono fabric to your daily cup of tea or journaling session. If you don’t have a self care ritual, think of your kimono style as the first step to setting a new intention to take care of yourself. Find one that fits you beautifully: from our short kimono robes to our plus size kimono robes, there’s a little something for everyone. Then, take that feeling of care and attention and devise a little ritual you can do once a week or once a day to check in with yourself, feel good about yourself, and be comfortable and confident in your body. 

While we know that clothing isn’t everything, it can certainly transform how we feel about ourselves for better or worse. At KIM+ONO, we want you to feel confident and beautiful in your skin no matter what. And we hope you find a stay at home kimono style that does just that.

Kimono Style Plus Size Kimono Robe Silk Kimono Robes Washable Silk

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