Resort Style: How You Wear Your Kimono Robe on Vacation

We get asked all the time — can I wear my silk bathrobe out of the house? Our resounding answer is always, YES!, but in no season are we more emphatic about that answer than in summer! The summer is the perfect time to slip into your floral silk robes in and out of the house. They are lightweight, breathable, and the perfect way to cover up when you want a little extra protection from the sun, without sacrificing your sexy summer style.

Whether you’re headed out on a fancy vacation at an all-inclusive resort, or making the most out of your staycation in your home hood, your short and long kimono robes can travel with you to make the most of your down time. They evolve with your day and night, and bring that extra special feel to every moment. They make your vacation meaningful and intentional, and slipping into them remind you to slow down and take the deep breath you deserve. So this week in the journal, we’re rounding up some of our favorite ways to wear your kimono robe on vacation — based on how our customers are wearing them. Whether you’re at a beautiful resort, or you’re Jennifer Lopez herself, your charmeuse and silk bathrobes can uplevel any summer moment. Here’s how to wear a kimono robe on vacation:

Charmeuse & Silk Kimono Robes
Photo by @ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Make Your Girls’ Trip Extra Special with Floral Silk Robes

Oh do we love a girls’ trip! This summer, when you’re headed out with your best girlfriends, don’t forget to pack your favorite floral silk robes to add a little extra style to your vacation look. We love the muted colors of these floral silk robes with neutral bathing suits, but they could work just as well with a pop of neon color underneath them as well. Make sure you choose washable silk or charmeuse for any pieces that may get too close to the pool or the beach, as those can come into contact with water without fading. These beautiful long kimono robes are an extra special way to bring some elegance and elevation to your beach or poolside looks.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by @ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Make a Statement at the next Festival in Silky Kimonos

As we are heading deep into the summer and taking full advantage of summer festivities, you will want to pack light with your very own unique kimono robe. Our unisex robes are versatile as festival outfits – an easy cover up during the day for sun protection and a head-turning lightweight jacket for cooling nights. You can easily pair it with a crop tee and some high waisted shorts. Dress it up with heels or put on some casual flats for comfort, with our botanical robes to finish the look. Many who attended the world-famous Coachella festival tagged us on social media as they weaved through the crowds. This simple but elegant addition to your concert outfits is a must-have in your carry-on this summer and fall.

Photo via @jlo
Dress Like Jennifer Lopez in Her Long Kimono Robe

She declared “Summer mode, activated!” in her long kimono robe and what a summer it’s been so far. We loved how J.Lo paired her long kimono robe with kitten heels and a string bikini. She wore the Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe as a cute little backyard cover up by the poolside, and we highly recommend this look if you’re planning your own staycation. Whether you wander inside your home or out, this long kimono robe is a beautiful way to elevate your look with sophistication and playfulness just right for summer.

Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
Photo by @ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Lounge in Luxury with Your Silk Bathrobe 

The best part of vacation is the ability to lounge all day long. That’s where your silk bathrobe comes in! You don’t need to dress up in a new look every day to simply lounge around the resort or sit poolside, you can simply slip into your silk bathrobe to turn heads. It’s lightweight and breathable and effortlessly moves along with you to sway this way. You’ll feel wrapped in a cloud and let yourself breathe a little more deeply while you’re relaxing, just by draping your silk bathrobe over your shoulders.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by @ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Create a Dynamic Look with Accessories and Your Azumi Kimono Wrap

Our Azumi Kimono Wrap is a best seller for a great reason — it’s velvet cuffs and collar are the kind of details that turn heads. And one way to really uplevel your look with the Azumi Kimono Wrap is to pair it with standout accessories that elevate your vacation look. We love this long black kimono robe with big rings, big hoop earrings, or a wide brimmed hat. Wear the black Azumi Kimono Wrap over a black bathing suit for a stunning and classic look that you can evolve from day to night.

Spring Floral Kimono Robe
Photo by @valknight_
Make Your Long Kimono Robe an Evening Look

Whether you’re out for a stroll around the vacation property, or headed to a fancy dinner, your long kimono robe is a great way to wrap up in a little lightweight layer while still feeling soft and feminine. Bring a bit of whimsy to your look, whether it’s a little black dress, resort pants, or simply a t-shirt and jeans, and pair it with your favorite long kimono robe instead of a jacket. It’ll keep you wrapped up on cooler nights without overheating, and it pairs beautifully whether you’re dressing your wardrobe up or down.

Plus Size Coral Chrysanthemum Kimono Robe
Photo by @njeri_inayat
Create a Photo Moment Every Moment

One of the best parts about vacation is the photographs we take to remember them. It’s so much fun to look back on childhood vacations and have those memories come up in remembering the fun and joy of taking a break from everyday life. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t still be taking those photos as an adult! One way we love to see you photograph you’re beautiful charmeuse and silk bathrobes is when you go for an all monochrome look. It always pops and gives a beautifully dynamic to your floral silk robe photos when you pair your base layer with your lightweight kimono robe. So don’t forget while you’re resort hopping or simply making the most of your staycation, to snap the photos that will remind you of the time you spent just relaxing and enjoying yourself. You deserve that time and those memories.

Whether you dress up like Jennifer Lopez in her long kimono robe and kitten heels, wrap up in your silk bathrobe while lounging at home, or slip into your Azumi Kimono Wrap while hanging by the pool, we hope your time vacationing this year is filled with the beautiful details that make beautiful memories. Don’t forget to tag us! We love to see your style, so tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway. Let us see how you’re relaxing and see how you style your own short and long kimono robes during summer vacation season. You deserve to lounge in all the luxury you can!

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