PTPA Seal of Approval Kimono Robes for Your Busy Life

With each and every design, our co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, have you in mind. You are the modern woman, and we know that you need both elegance and function. You crave beauty, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. You love handcrafted quality, but want the durability necessary to keep up with your busy life. We know you, because we are you, too. So in every single stitch, every painted petal, we have considered how each element will add a little extra luxury, beauty, and joy to your every day.

So when you gave our Washable Silk and Charmeuse Collections the PTPA Seal of Approval, we were thrilled. PTPA stands for Parent Tested Parent Approved. As a small team with a lot of mothers of young children, we know that the PTPA Seal of Approval meant more than just liking these kimono robes for moms. It meant that they stood up to the pace, needs, and desire of your everyday life. That means the world to us, because our mission is to make every woman (mothers included!) feel beautiful and confident in their own skin as they go about making the world a better place. So today in the journal, we’re telling you a little bit more about how the Washable Silk and Charmeuse Collections earned the PTPA Seal of Approval and how they fit effortlessly into your beautiful life.

PTPA Seal of Approval

How our Charmeuse and Washable Silk Kimono Robes Earned the PTPA Seal of Approval

PTPA is a company that has been around for over a decade as a parent-based, family-oriented community that shares tips, gives feedback, and supports one another through various channels. One of those channels allows families to test products that could be beneficial to their lives, and decide to give those products the Seal of Approval or not. PTPA focuses on families’ increasing price sensitivity, changing loyalty to traditional brands, and the consumer’s search for an overall better, easier buying experience. Consumers judged the Charmeuse and Washable Silk Kimono Robes based on characteristics such as value, ease of use, texture, and quality. Judging those characteristics, consumers chose to give our women’s kimono robes the PTPA Seal of Approval, and we’re so grateful for it.

Coral Chrysanthemum Kimono Robe
Photo by Angie Silvy
Women’s Kimono Robes that Transform with Your Day

We know that your day moves quickly. You’re up with your kids first thing in the morning, hopping onto a Zoom call for work, helping your children with their homework, and making sure you’re staying connected to your friends and family. Whether you’re lounging on the floor, or on a work call, your long kimono robe seamlessly moves with you throughout the day as you switch hats. It’s a perfect way to remind yourself that a little extra beauty can go a long way every day. With designs made for the modern woman to feel a deep sense of calm, connected to nature, and inner confidence, your long kimono robe is the wardrobe staple that’s on point for every moment.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Miranda Taylor De Lay
Kimono Styles as Works of Art

When life gets busy, it’s important to remember that a little beauty can go a long way to giving you comfort and joy. Each one of our kimono styles features an original pattern, first sketched by hand, then saturated in rich watercolors using a traditional paintbrush. The designs of our women’s kimono robes draw inspiration from the various styles of traditional Chinese brushwork, capturing the artistic principles of depth, contrast, space, and balance. Many of our robes for moms feature romantic, tranquil scenes of timeless botanicals that bear significance. For example, the lotus flower symbolizes good luck and fortune, a sentiment we wish to share with our customers. That means, whether you’re wearing your kimono robe, or draping it across the back of your chair, or hanging it on the door to your closet, you’re surrounding yourself with a work of art as unique as you are.

Blush Rose Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Minimize the Morning Stress with Your Silk Kimono Robe

Mornings are always tough, but during a challenging year like this one, they can be even more difficult. With routines thrown off, and new routines springing up around working from home, schooling from home, and generally staying at home, simplifying your morning routine can help mitigate the stress that’s only normal to feel. We love draping these women’s kimono robes over a simple base layer to create a dramatic and yet classic statement. Pick out your favorite black jeans and shirt, and you automatically have the perfect backdrop for your gorgeous silk kimono robe. Minimize the morning stress by sticking to your favorite kimono styles and allowing more space in your morning when you’re not stuck in front of your closet, wondering what to wear.

Washable Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Uplevel the Comfort You Feel

As mothers and modern women, we know that it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. While you’re taking busy of all the ones you love, you’ll put yourself last on your list — if you even make it onto the list at all! That’s why, as much as you can, it’s so important to add in little moments of self care to your every day. Whether it’s grabbing your favorite coffee to go, or slipping into a silk kimono robe that makes you feel like the queen you are, these small acts of self care can keep you going through the longest days. We hope that you feel a little extra comfort, joy, and confidence each time you wear your favorite kimono style.

Washable Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Easily Laundering Women’s Kimono Robe 

While our printed and handpainted silks take a lot of extra care, the beautiful thing about our Charmeuse and Washable Silk Kimono Robes is that they are as soft and luxurious as our other collections with the added bonus of standing up to a gentle wash in the machine. Both collections can be gently laundered with cold water and mild detergent in the delicate cycle and then hung to dry, which means you can wear them throughout your day without worry.

While 2020 wasn’t the year any of us expected, it has been a chance to focus in on what’s really important. And at KIM+ONO, we are grateful for earning the PTPA Seal of Approval, for our community, and all the ways we’ve strengthened each other over this past year. During this season, let’s remind the ones we love how grateful we are for them, today and every day.

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