How to Build Deeper Connections With Others

Happiness — it’s been a heavily researched topic. How do we become happier? How do we create more inner peace? How do we get to the end of our lives and feel fulfilled? These are big questions that everyone faces from time to time. They’re the questions that underlie all the surface questions like what should we do for work, where should we live, what big life choices should we make? Underneath those surface questions is the basic inner query: what will make me happy? Research shows that there are many things that could make you happy, but one that always creates lasting and profound happiness. And that thing is: relationships.

Relationships with others are truly the lifeblood of our well-being. At KIM+ONO, we don’t just create silky floral robes to add beauty to your day. We want you to care for yourself and be well. And being well is at least partially about being connected to people (even just one or two!) who you love and admire. Building deeper connections with others can sometimes feel like a lost art. Authentic connection is hard to cultivate when life is moving at an ever increasing speed. However, these connections are crucial for our well-being and happiness. Whether you’re reaching out to friends, family, or new acquaintances, meaningful interactions can make a significant difference in both your life and theirs. Here are some thoughtful and practical ways to build these deeper connections.

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Send a "Just Because" Gift

One of the simplest yet most impactful ways to strengthen your bond with someone is by sending them a "just because" gift. It shows that you are thinking about them without any specific occasion, which can be incredibly heartwarming and connective. Sending your mom or sister a maxi kimono wrap out of nowhere, for instance, can be both a luxurious and an unexpected surprise. Or have a surprise gift show up for your partner! Pick out a men's kimono robe for a unique and thoughtful gift that combines comfort with style. The key t o gifting is to choose something that reflects the recipient's personality and tastes, showing that you know them well. This kind of gesture can brighten someone’s day and more than the luxury of the gift itself, it deepens your connection by not needing a special occasion to say how you care.

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Share a Piece of Art Like a Wearable Handpainted Silk Kimono Robe

Art has a beautiful way of connecting people. It was the craft and art of kimono making that inspired our co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, to create their own modern silky floral robes. Sharing a piece of art, such as our Limited Edition Handpainted Silk Kimono Robes, can create a shared experience and an heirloom for life. These silky floral robes are not just bathrobes; they are wearable art, carrying heritage and traditions. When you give someone a women’s kimono robe handpainted with intricate designs from saturated watercolor techniques, you are sharing a piece of culture and craftsmanship. This can spark conversations about the art itself, the artist, and the emotions it evokes. It’s a beautiful way to bond over a mutual appreciation for beauty and creativity.

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Invite a New Friend Out for Coffee

In our digital age, face-to-face interactions are now more valuable than ever. Inviting a new friend out for coffee is a simple yet powerful way to build a connection from an acquaintance to a friend. There are so many things to discover with new friends. You can find out what they do for fun, where they’ve lived before, what their family is like, what they do for work. We love pairing a beautiful maxi kimono robe with tees and jeans for a casual coffee date. And the cherry on top is that your women’s kimono robe is a perfect conversation starter. You can break any ice by talking about a statement piece like your maxi kimono robe. These little discussions that seem to not mean so much at first can lead to deeper topics and a stronger bond over time. It just takes a little invitation for a whole world of friendship to open up.

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Journal to Hear Your Own Inner Thoughts

Before you can truly connect with others, it's essential to connect with yourself. Journaling is a fantastic way to listen to your inner thoughts and understand the unconscious and subliminal emotions underneath your actions. When you take the time to reflect, you become more aware of what you need from your relationships and what you can offer. This self-awareness makes your interactions more genuine and meaningful. Consider making a ritual out of your journaling. Slip into your maxi kimono robe, light a candle, cleanse the space with a singing bowl and then start journaling. Truly hearing your inner voice can help you express yourself better and build more authentic connections with those around you.

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Do Compassionate Metta Meditation

Metta meditation, also known as loving-kindness meditation, is a practice that can enhance your ability to connect with others on a deeper level. This type of meditation involves silently repeating phrases that express good wishes for yourself and others. For example, "May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be safe, may you live with ease." You can slip into your women’s and men’s kimono robes, sit on a meditation pillow or on a chair, take a few deep breaths in, and start your metta practice. Practicing this meditation regularly can increase your empathy and compassion, making you more attuned to the feelings and needs of others. As you cultivate these qualities within yourself, you will naturally build deeper and more meaningful connections.

Building deeper connections with others is not about grand gestures or profound conversations. Often, it's the small, thoughtful actions that make the biggest impact and those small actions compound over time to write a story of friendship. These actions show care, attention, and a willingness to invest in the people around you. In doing so, you create a network of connections that are rich, fulfilling, and enduring. You become happier. And remember, lovely, you deserve to be.

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