A Roundup of Our Favorite Digital Escapes

Well, your summer vacation plans may look a bit differently than you had originally anticipated earlier this year. In fact, if you’re like us, you’ve scrapped any thought of traveling or heading out of town. And it may seem that right now, during a very challenging time, a little break and vacation would be even more helpful than usual. That’s why we’re rounding up the best online escapes for you as you head into the summer. Just because your travel plans are put on hold, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the wonder and excitement of a virtual summer vacation.

At KIM+ONO, we know that things haven’t gone according to plan this year, but we hope that by surrounding yourself with some beautiful sensory experiences, you can still get that refreshed feeling that travel creates. So today in the journal, we’re sharing five ideas that you can implement once a month or once a week (or, once a day!) all throughout the summer. Here’s what we’re loving for a summer full of online escapes:

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Plan a Virtual Vacation

You don’t need to hop on a plane to go see the world. In fact, it’s a perfect moment in history to see the world without even leaving your home. Never before has it been so easy to get glimpses of resorts and vacation experiences. Pick your favorite destination spot, find the most beautiful resort or hotel and hop on their website to take a 360 virtual tour of the grounds. Some spots may even have VR experiences for you on their website. You can also use apps like Ascape to take the tours of the place you’d like to visit the most. Slip into your pink kimono robe, pour a glass of champagne, and visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to see. And never underestimate the power of Google Maps! Take the street view tour of a city or neighborhood you’ve been meaning to visit, and at the very least, get excited for the next time you can actually visit in person.

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Visit the Zoo

We may not be able to physically enter the zoo yet, but the animals are still just as cute as ever. Many large zoos are hosting live cam footage of their beautiful animals on their website. This could be a great escape for the whole family. You could even make it educational — have each family member research an animal, and then go visit that animal at the zoo. From San Francisco to Houston to New York, the options for animal cams at major zoos are endless. Make it a weekend ritual or just a great way to relax outside together in your own backyard.

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Create a Vacation Mood in Your Own Backyard

Speaking of your own backyard, create a beautiful set up that makes you feel like you are at a resort even at home. Use an app that gives you ambient soundscapes like the ocean or a lake, the country, or even a city if you miss it! Make it an entire experience by wearing your favorite kimono pattern as a lightweight layer, lighting an intoxicating candle, and plating a few appetizers. At KIM+ONO, we know that outer sensory experiences are essential to transporting your inner world. We love that silk kimono robes can elevate your mood and your experience just because of the softness and handcrafted details of these pieces. Bring together the sound, smell, taste, and feel of your favorite vacation, even if you’re staying at home.

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Visit a Museum

You may not be able to walk right into a museum right now, but you can certainly appreciate the art. There are incredible museums like the Guggenheim that are allowing you to view some of their collections and exhibits. Make a date with a friend to hop onto Zoom, wear your favorite silk kimono robe, and visit some of the country’s best museums to talk art. If you’d like to explore international museums, Google continues to partner with museums and galleries worldwide with Google Art Project to bring you virtual tours from galleries all over the world. In fact, if you end up loving your first date, create a museum-hopping club with friends! Choose one museum per weekend to browse, chat about, and help make you feel a little less stuck at home.

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Instead of a Digital Escape, Escape the Digital

For our last suggestion, perhaps this is going a bit rogue, but sometimes the best escape is the escape from the digital world. In some ways, it’s amazing that we can all still be connected during this challenging time through our phones and computers. And on the other hand, too much of a good thing can become a stress. Take one day a week to leave your phone off, set it to Do Not Disturb, or simply just avoid looking at it. It can be uncomfortable at first because your brain has to shift from taking in information digitally and quickly, to the slower, more intentional pace of the real world. Give yourself the time to decompress from the digital. Take a bath, wear your favorite kimono style around the house, read a book you’ve been meaning to finish (or start!), do some journaling, or lay back and listen to music. Whatever you do, your eyes and your brain will thank you for a short escape from the digital world. And you might be surprised at how refreshed you can feel by just taking a little break. All without leaving the house!

Let us know if you try any of these escapes and homebound vacations! And if you need any tools to help create the vacation mood at home, beyond our kimono robes, our brick and mortar store in San Francisco has everything you need, from palo santo to candles, from tea to essential oils. We are currently closed, but can happily help check you out and ship some beautiful summery goodies your way. Simply email tiffany@kimandono.com with the items you’d like to shop and we’ll get you all set up. Wherever you are this summer, lovely, we hope you stay safe, stay home, and stay well.


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