How You Wear It: Featuring Our Customers' Kimono Style

One of our favorite things about creating charmeuse and silk robes for women is that these are the kinds of sartorial pieces that add versatility to your wardrobe. With just one silky floral robe, you can create hundreds of different looks. From date nights to early mornings, from nursing gowns to wedding guest wear, your luxury silk robe is as versatile as your daily life. It moves with you from year to year and stage to stage in your life. So there are endless ways to style these beautiful charmeuse and silk robes for women.

But sometimes, endless possibilities can be overwhelming! With so many ways to wear these pieces, you may be asking yourself how to style a kimono robe the best for you and your lifestyle. Well today in the journal, we’re rounding up some of our favorite kimono fashion inspiration from our customers themselves. You’ll be able to see how different periods in life and different vibes can all come from the same silky floral robe. You’ll get ideas on how to style a kimono robe that would suit you perfectly, and maybe even remind yourself of other clothing items deep in your closet that would go perfectly with a luxury silk robe. So read on, be inspired by our customers' modern kimono styles, and deck out your fall with your new favorite fall layering item: a silky floral robe. 

Azumi Kimono Wrap
A Silky Floral Robe for Maternity Wear

One of the most challenging times in your life is when you become a mother! Whether it’s your first time or your fifth time, your body is going through rapid changes over the course of a year. You need clothing that helps you transition with your growing bump and your growing baby. That’s why our silky floral robes and wraps make the perfect maternity wear. We love this silky floral wrap because of its velvet trim and rich jewel toned colors. It’s not silk, so you’re able to wash this at home, making it easy if your baby spits up or has an accident. But even our charmeuse feels like a silky floral robe, so you won’t be missing out on the luxurious feel that you so deserve, especially during late night feedings! If you’re pregnant, wearing this piece over your pajamas or even just a bra and underwear can feel like a nice reprieve from those ever-tightening maternity jeans. Let your body breathe and your charmeuse wrap sway this way through every trimester.

 Maren Kimono Robe
Photo by @nickonken 
Men’s Kimono Robes to Bring On Your Adventures

We love a men’s kimono robe here at KIM+ONO. And although we don’t create men-specific pieces, our male customers love the options we have in our signature collection. And for good reason! They are so fun to style on vacation or any adventure you might find yourself getting into. If you’re wondering how to style a kimono robe for men, the answer is: let it accent their natural style. If you love color, play up the color with a silky floral robe. If you like a mix of textures, try to style it with a wrap that has both charmeuse and velvet trim. There are endless ways of how to style your kimono robe based on your natural fashion choices.

Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
Photo by @emerythos
A Luxury Silk Robe to Work From Home

Whether you’re headed back into the office or still working from home (or both!), your luxury silk robe is a perfect way to uplevel your wardrobe. We love the way Emery styled this luxury silk robe over a monochrome pants suit. She pulled out the pink hues in this silky floral robe and highlighted them with a bold bottom layer choice. Then the more subdued but rich hues of navy in this luxury silk robe added an extra ounce of sophistication to her fun. We love the result and this is one way of how to style a kimono robe that can work great if you’re headed into the office or simply signing into your next Zoom meeting.

 Haruka Kimono Wrap
How to Style a Kimono Robe for Daytime

While we love a kimono robe as a lightweight layer over a dress or cocktail attire (can you say — hello wedding guest style?!), we also love it as a daytime look. If you’re wondering how to style a kimono robe for the daytime, look no further than this brilliant way to style our charmeuse kimono wrap. We love how she pulls out the colors of the wrap itself in the bottom of layers of this look. She also brings lots of different textures into play, making this feel super fun but still very put together. A charmeuse kimono wrap paired with Converse? Be still our fashionable hearts.

Washable Silk Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Bring Out the Seasonal Colors 

While you may love to wear your silky floral robe during the summer months as a beach cover up, there are other, more wintry ways to style your kimono robe too! Lean into seasonal colors and find a combination that makes you feel all sorts of magic during the holiday season. We love how our charmeuse and silk robes for women have the luxurious softness that make them slip right over your shoulders, pairing beautifully with all sorts of textures for any season. While you’re changing over into turtlenecks and sweaters, look for those seasonal colors that might pair nicely with these jewel toned or pastel colored botanical beauties. And don’t forget that our charmeuse and silk robes for women are always classically styled with a good pair of jeans. Dressing your denim up with seasonal colors, textures, and your favorite silky floral robe is a hit for running errands or for your holiday office party.

We love to see how you style your kimono robes and wraps, as we’re constantly inspired by — you! Tag us on Instagram at @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can celebrate and feature your beautiful modern kimono robe style! Need some more inspiration before styling your own? Head over to our Instagram highlight “INSPO” for even more ways our customers wear their charmeuse and silk robes!

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