Create A Space to Keep Stress Low

At KIM+ONO, we are all about creating an environment that enriches and nourishes you. Even just the smallest of acts can feel like a self care ritual: lighting a candle, slipping into your favorite kimono cardigan, listening to relaxing music. Go through your five senses and determine what would create a physical space to keep your mental space clear, and then go and create it for yourself every day. Find inspiration among our beautiful short and long kimono robes.

Elevate your everyday

Fura Kimono Robe Inspired by @iamjoportia

You Deserve To Be Well

Peony & Butterfly Long Kimono Robe

68,700 AMD

Azumi Long Kimono Wrap

77,800 AMD

Silk Handpainted Cherry Blossom Long Kimono Robe

227,800 AMD

Haruka Long Kimono Wrap

77,800 AMD

Silk Handpainted Crane Long Kimono Robe

227,800 AMD

Silk Yuri Long Kimono Robe

86,000 AMD 104,300 AMD

Haruka Kimono Wrap Inspired by @rosiehausmann


A Treat for Myself

"I purchased this robe as a treat for myself. During this difficult time it has become essential for me to take the time to do self-care, and incorporating this robe into my routine is a real pleasure."