The Crane Represents All Wonderful Things

The crane represents all wonderful things — happiness, longevity, and good fortune. 

In Chinese and Japanese culture, the crane symbolizes longevity and peace and it is the second most favored bird symbol after the phoenix.

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Wrap inspired by @rudneynovaes

A Beautiful Way to Celebrate

It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of a marriage that you hope will be blessed with longevity, or a gift for yourself as you move to a new city and start a new life, hoping to be blessed with prosperity and good fortune.


Silk Handpainted Crane Long Kimono Robe


Inspired by @micaowens

Silk Kuren Kimono Robe (Curve)

Cherry Blossom & Crane Long Kimono Robe


Bring a Sense of Calm & Presence

Find a symbol in each of our modern kimono robes that brings you a sense of calm and presence, grounding you in your intentions, wishes, and hopes.

We hope knowing more about the symbols behind these meaningful designs helps to bring more intention to your day each time you wear them. Whether you’re gifting these pieces or getting one for yourself, always remember, you deserve a beautiful life, lovely, take care and be well.