The Powerful Symbol of The Lotus

The lotus has always been a powerful symbol in Asian heritage. It represents enlightenment, the highest form of conscious awareness, and in so doing, it also represents self-regeneration and rebirth. When one becomes enlightened, there is a shedding of the old ways or perspective to make way for something new. Self-regeneration relies not on outside external factors, but from deep within, making the lotus, a symbol of self-regeneration, a powerful and potent symbol.

Time of Renewal

This is the perfect piece for you if you’re ready to have your own sort of rebirth. Slip into a lotus kimono style and wrap up in the knowledge that like the lotus, you can come through anything

Give Yourself Something Special

Maren Long Kimono Wrap

$195.50 USD

Inspired by @jiggityjewelz via @rachel_suter1

Silk Kuren Kimono Robe (Curve)

Inspired by @thismodernstyle

Silk Handpainted Lotus Short Kimono Robe

$549.70 USD

Modern Kimono Robes That Evolves With Your Life

Inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono and how it took on different meanings at different times in the wearer’s life, our modern kimono robes also evolve with your life.

Whether you’re beginning or ending a big life event, those beginnings and endings are like initiation — you become purified by trial, and your awareness is brought to new life with deeper wisdom and connection to the world