Your style should reflect your uniqueness. And with our modern collection of kimono robes, you’re bound to find a piece that’s as special as you are. Inspired by Asian vintage art and traditions, all of our kimono robes are designed in-house and we work with a family-run silk village to produce these soft, floral kimonos for every woman to look just as beautiful as she feels. We created these women’s kimono robes to be the perfect style companion to any outfit that needs a little elevation and a little elegance. Whether you love the sophistication of a long black kimono robe or the flirtiness of a lightweight sheer kimono robe, there’s a style with your name on it. Our beautiful floral kimono robes are designed with your uniqueness in mind. We know that wearing a special statement piece to reflect the dynamic woman you are should be an everyday occurance. Whether you make a statement with a light kimono cardigan over jeans and a tee, or layer a sheer kimono robe with a high-waisted pant, or simply make home that much more luxurious in a black kimono robe for a special night in, your style should be as incredible and jaw-dropping as you are.

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